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Warm Weather Alert

Dear Runners:

It looks like summer is finally going to arrive this weekend, just in time for the Soldier Field 10 Mile. With our protracted winter, this will likely be the warmest running conditions many of us have experienced since last summer.

How to Prepare:

First, be sure to hydrate before the race and stay hydrated during the race. Drink fluids containing electrolytes on your way to the event before you start running. During the event, RAM Racing will be providing additional water, and electrolyte replacement drink along the running course and in the runner refresh area. Don’t be shy about hydrating: we will have plenty of porta-potties!

Second, wear loose fitting, lightweight clothing. As you run, your body is going to generate lots of heat and it will feel much warmer than if you were hanging out on the Lakefront with your friends. A good rule is to dress as if it is 15-20 degrees warmer than the actual air temperature. If you are a bit chilled when the race begins - perfect! And, don’t forget a hat for additional sun protection!

Third, warm, early season races are an awesome respite from the cold, dark winters. We want to go out and set a personal best. Hold on champ…If your body is not used to running in the warmer weather your PR may turn in to a bonk. Our medical volunteers are very well prepared, but they would rather see you enjoying the post-race tailgate than seeing you in their tents. Pace yourself and take it easy.

And lastly, please pay attention to weather reports throughout the remainder of the week and we will provide updates on our Facebook page if conditions change.

Good luck, enjoy, and stay safe.

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We're proud to support Folds of Honor as our national charity, and SALUTE, INC. as the local charity of the Soldier Field 10 Mile!

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